Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee Appointments

In his capacity as a Chapter 11 Trustee, appointed by the Department of Justice, Soneet Kapila has successfully and continually fulfilled his duties as Trustee. He has participated in the formulation of Plans of Reorganization and Disclosure Statements, guided competing interests in numerous proceedings to mutual agreement of the Plans, and ultimately obtained confirmations of the Plans by the United States Bankruptcy Court.

As a Chapter 11 Trustee or Examiner, Mr. Kapila has operated, restructured and negotiated the sales of many businesses. Among the challenges he has faced: a waste management company with debts exceeding $30 million; rehabilitation of a dilapidated housing community; uncovering numerous Ponzi schemes; litigation involving a telecommunications logistics and computer exporting business with assets exceeding $400 million. In the case of Prime Capital Corporation, Mr. Kapila recovered several million dollars for the creditors with a distribution exceeding 40%.

As a result of his expertise, Mr. Kapila has also been successful in mazimizing the estate assets for the benefit of creditors in hundreds of Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings. His duties encompassed liquidation of various personal or business assets and both commercial and residential real property and vacant land. One case involved the liquidation of a $35 million gas distribution and multi-location gas retail business. In a large personal bankruptcy, Mr. Kapila called on his experience as a forensic accountant to untangle a vast web of real estate holdings and corporate shell organizations in international jurisdictions with overseas banking institutions.

At any point in time, Mr. Kapila may be involved in the administration of hundreds of personal and corporate/business bankruptcies, always mindful of the ultimate goal– maximizing returns to creditors.

Representative Engagements and appointments include:

Liquidating Trustee / Plan Administrator
Claims Administrator
Bankruptcy Consultant
Commercial Litigation
Securities Fraud
State Court Receiverships and Assignments

Focus on Fraud and Forensics

Fraud & Forensics

Recognized as an expert in fraudulent conveyance, Ponzi Schemes and insolvency issues, Mr. Kapila has provided expert testimony and extensive litigation support services to law firms involving complex insolvency issues and commercial damages.


He has conducted numerous forensic and fraud investigations and has worked in conjunction with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the US Department of Justice and the United States Attorney’s Office.


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